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6 Forks is the Olympic Peninsula’s headquarters for steelhead trout and salmon fishing. There are great fishing rivers within easy driving distance.

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382 | Barry S. Hewlett in Britain it was a two-hour documentary shown on the BBC. This rather romantic portrayal of the Baka shows them collecting honey and high- lights the important role of women in their society irncl the active role that fathers play in child-care.This film received excellent revier'vs in the U.S. and Europe and is often shown in U.S. universities to demonstrate.

4:306 lID[g~)£OOlr~~~lT ®l?!Joorn m~rif~rnm®OO.INFORMATION SERVICE ~3. BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS For Release DECmABER 9, 1954 FRELL M. OWL TRANSFERS FROM NORTHERN IDAHO TO FORT HALL INDIAN AGENCY Transfer of Frell M. Owl on January 26 from the position of superintendent of the Northern Idaho Indian Agency, Lapwai, Idaho, to the same position.

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G U L F O F M E X I C O Inlet P O W E L L L A K E 98 30A FL-94 Deer Lake y Inlet Beach Eastern Lake Camp Creek Lake DEER LAKE STATE PARK 98 y 3350000mN 3348000mN 3360000mN 3358000mN 3356000mN 3354000mN This map has been produced by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service as authorized by Section 4(c) of the Coastal Barrier Resources Act (CBRA.

MORI DocID: 1391030 were present for the NSC brief. Only three SSCI Congressional Staffers showed: Tim Carl-sgaard, Dave Addington, and Mike Hathaway.